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Reiki (Ray Key) is a hands on (or hovering) energy design to balance body, mind, spirit, and emotional well being.

It is not massage as there is no body manipulation. There are 12 standard hand positions which cover all the major organs. The hands remain stationary during each position. The one receiving the treatment is fully clothed during the Reiki treatment.

Reiki is not based on any religious belief system. It does not claim to cure any medical ailment, rather it compliments the energy balance within the body.


How Reiki Can Help You

 Reiki Energy can help balance the body, mind, emotional and spiritual concerns. Reiki Practitioners frequently apply Reiki techniques for various difficulties including: stress, sinuses, headaches, backaches, anger, anxiety, end of life issues, and side effects from anesthesia and surgery.

I do not diagnose nor prescribe any drugs.

Reiki is now being used in various hospitals as an adjunct therapy for numerous ailments including surgery (both before surgery and post surgery). Reiki is used in Hospice settings. Reiki is used with athletes. Reiki is used in a variety of work place settings. 

Reiki does not make any claims about being a cure for any condition and no Reiki Practitioner, to my knowledge, would ever suggest anyone stop going to their regular doctor or specialists and use Reiki. 


See the Difference

I am a retired Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) ordained minister. During my lifetime I have worked in various places that address physical, mental and spiritual issues. 

At the innocent age of 16, I worked as a surgical orderly (in the days before HIPPA and modern medical facilities) in a general hospital. Later, I worked as an orderly attendant in a private mental hospital, a Chaplain in a university hospital plus two other general hospitals. I worked as a Chaplain in two Children's hospitals and have served as a Hospice volunteer for over 25 years. I served  as senior pastor to three Christian churches. For six years I was the Rural Development Officer for the Council of Eswatini Churches, Eswatini, southern Africa. I know an imbalance of body, mind an/or spirit can lead to physical and mental difficulties. 

For more than 55 years I have been interested in helping people have a healthy lifestyle. Through Reiki I have integrated my education, clinical experience, personal study, and my own life mastery to assist others in aligning their body, mind and spirit in a positive way. 

I have earned training certificates in two different Reiki lineages  internationally and in the USA.

Some Christians or members of other religious faiths may have some difficulty considering Reiki fearing it contradicts their belief system. I do not condone anyone going against their religious tenet. Faith is individual. 

Reiki for me has been life changing. I wish I had known about Reiki during my active ministry. There are many people who are faith based in different religions and work as trained Reiki Practitioners. 

In practically ever field of endeavor including doctors, nurses, health care providers, you will find people who have been trained and who use Reiki in their field of work.

If I were looking for a Reiki Practitioner or teacher and I could only ask one question that question would be: Do you practice daily Reiki self-treatment. 

I do.

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Feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have. I look forward to sharing the experience of Reiki with you. 

Bill Watson - Master Reiki Practitioner